Estudios Panda comienza su trayectoria hacia el año 1980. Se caracterizo siempre por ser pionero en la investigación y adquisición del mejor equipamiento existente en el mundo, ya se nuevo o vintage.

El LP de Charly García “Yendo de la cama al living”, marco un nuevo sonido en la Argentina. Así mismo cabe destacar a Los Abuelos de la Nada, Los Redonditos de Ricota, Los Twist, GIT, Sumo, Soda Stereo, Andrés Calamaro, Celeste Carballo, Virus, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Mercedes Sosa, entre otros. Con cuyos trabajos, Panda fue afianzándose cada vez mas en el mercado Argentino y Latinoamericano.

Nuestra característica fue siempre poseer un poderoso Rack de efectos, como ser, compresores valvulares como el Fairchild 670, considerado el mejor compresor valvular del mundo preferido por Los Beatles, Freddy Mercury e ingenieros afamados.

En nuestra continua búsqueda de mejorar el sonido y adquirir nuevos equipos Vintage, sumamos a nuestra periferia de aparatos los tan codiciados Pre y Eq Vintage  Neve 1081, Neve 1064, Neve 1084, Pre y Eq vintage API 550  A ,Eq Pultec, Compresores Black Face Urei 1176, Compresores Teletronix LA2  y Altec y las mejores cámaras que existen en la actualidad: la EMT 248 digital , Lexicon 960 y Lexicon 224 que se sumaron a las antiguas cámaras EMT 140 valvular que ya teníamos y una gran colección de micrófonos como ser Neuman U47, U67, KM56, 3 Telefunken Elam 251 entre otros.

"Hace muchos años que vivimos y trabajamos para la música, con aciertos y errores, pero tratando siempre de crecer en todo, e investigando, para que cuando un músico pise nuestra casa con una idea, pueda enriquecerla hasta lograr el sonido que busca, porque sabemos que cada minuto que se graba es algo único e irrepetible".

Panda studios was founded in 1980. Charly García’s “Yendo de la Cama al Living” LP, set a new sound for Argentinian records. Other local artists worth mentioning who contributed to make Panda a legend amongst local studios are Abuelos de la Nada, Los Twist, GIT, Sumo, Soda Stereo, Andrés Calamaro, Celeste Carballo, among others. Their work helped Panda studios establish in the Argentinian and Latin American market.

Panda studios have always made a strong statement of investing into the research and purchase of cutting edge equipment, be it new or vintage.

In the begginnings Panda Studios opened its doors with a Studer A 800 MK III, several Pultec Eqs, Spectrasonic 610 compressors, a Lexicon 224 reverb, Urei 1176 compressors, LA4, DBX 160, Teletronix LA2A and the Lexicon 480, the first of its kind in South America, having a powerful FX rig has always been our trade mark.

Other processors were added at a later stage. AMS Dmx15 80S, AMS Rmx16 reverb, Massenbourg 8200 & pre, as well as the incredible Calrec sound field IV, which stood proudly among other vintage mics, such as Neuman, Telefunken, AKG, etc…

A few years later we got hold of a Stereo Fairchild 670 (considered to be the world’s best tube compressor by many renowned sound engineers, it is the Beatles favourite as well as Freddy Mercury’s choice compressor).At that time we were already mixing on ½ inch tape with Dolby SR. Nowadays we’re still the only ones who have the possibility to mix in that format. We were also the first to go digital by using the F1 Sony Converter.

Panda studios’ biggest achievement was the acquisition of the Solid State Logic 4040G+ console, featuring Total Recall, needless to say, one of the best consoles in the world for its sound, versatility, ease of use and automation. This desk was also the first to land in South America.

In our continous search for good sound and vintage equipment we added to our gear the well known Pre and Eq Vintage Neve 1081, Neve 1064, Neve 1084, Pre and Eq vintage API 550 A ,Eq Pultec, Compressors Black Face Urei 1176, Compressors Teletronix LA2 and Altec. For reverberation, we added the digital EMT 248 and the Lexicon 960 to the EMT 140 tube reverb we already had. We can also mention our incredibly microphones collection like Neuman U47,U67, Km56 and the Telefunkens Elam 251,among others.

Currently we feature two recording studios. Studio A was founded very recently with a control room of more than 70sq meters, its accoustic, monitoring, and isolation booth design as well as the 9mx8mx4.5 high tracking room was made by world famous George Augspurguer. All exquisitely decorated.

This studio also has a beautiful and cozy living room with TV, Playstation, Bar Football, kitchen, restroom, and an expansion into a gardened terrace. All this for the relaxation and well being of our guest musicians.

This studio features the SSL console, the Studer A800 MKIII as well as Pro Tools HD3 192HZ 3 Axel cards and the best plug ins. Nowadays we added the Work Clock Antelope 10M Atomic 10 and the Antelope Trinity 64 bits considered as the best digital clock system in the world, and the Conversor AD Weiss Gambit to improve your mix.

Studio B features the API console, moded by Brent Averill, with 550A EQs, 32 recording channels x 64 of automatable mixing channels with Uptown moving fader (P&G), a 24 track MCI recorder with autolocator III and Pro Tools HD3. Nowadays we added Obsidian compressor for the final mix.

“For many years we’ve been living and working for the sake of music, with victories and failures, yet always aiming at growing in every way, constantly researching, so when a musician enters our home with an idea in mind he can polish it until he reaches the sound he’s been striving for, because we know that every minute of recording is something unique, unrepeatable.



Charly García
Mercedes Sosa
Andrés Calamaro
Los Piojos
Catupecu Machu
Luis Miguel
Los Fabulosos Cadillacs
Ismael Serrano
Los Autenticos Decadentes
Los Ratones Paranoicos
Ricky Martin
Ataque 77
León Gieco
Marcela Morelo
Fito Paez
Dread mar i
Gustavo Santaolalla
No te va gustar
La Renga
Cuentos Borgeanos
Joaquín Sabina
Los Tipitos
La mancha de Rolando

y muchos más.

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